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    Pingdom – A Helpful Tool to Measure the Website Speed

    Speed is a crucial component of running a successful website and should ever be a preference for site managers. The speed helps to make the good impression of your business towards the clients or customer. In addition to giving a responsive or user-friendly experience, a fast loading website also has a direct impact on the entire performance of the website. Well, waiting for a web page to load online is same as experienced in a real world when you stand in a queue and waiting for your turn.

    Users always require a fast loading website that can give them a proper knowledge about the products and services they are looking for. Most of the visitors visit your website and due to the slow speed, you may lose various prospects who are looking for your services. When it comes to the user or prospect experience, it is important to know that you won’t get another chance to get those clients back.

    Well, website speed is something we constantly look to optimize when we start a new website, it’s something that’s ever required to testing as you improve and develop your site. So, it is essential to find the reason of website slowdown with the help of Pingdom website speed test. It is one of the best website speed testing tools that will help you to analyze the loading speed and the causes of slowdown. To check your website speed visit tools.pingdom.com

    The Pingdom helps to provide a performance grade, loading time, page size and all requests. It is a free testing tool that analyzes a wealth of information on a website speed performance. Additionally, It is an overall speed grade, the tools also give a visual representation of the length of time needed for all site component to load.

    One factor that made the Pingdom a unique speed test services is that it effectively monitors the overall websites from multiple locations all over the globe to separate them to downtime the location and accessibility issues. You just need to add your website URL and select the area for which you want the result then the Pingdom gives you everything that you need to analyze your website and make it faster. This website has been updated to make it perfectly presented in various categories which include:-

    1) Performance insight
    2) Response codes
    3) Content and request breakdown
    4) The waterfall
    5) Page speed reports
    6) Transaction report and much more
    In the free version, you will get the basic facilities but in pro version, you will get advanced features those are more user-friendly. Let’s take a look at the activities you can do with Pingdom pro feature:-

    1) Uptime Monitoring:-
    It is one of the most basic types that it provides an average response time in graph form with any downtime that your website may experience. We went through this process then we get this result

    2) Page Speed Reports:-
    In pro version, you will also get the page speed reports on the website in addition to historical data. It is good for getting nasty trends or code-related slowness.

    3) Transaction Reports:-
    It is one of the most useful features that you will get in pro version that enable you to make sure user interactions spanning various actions and pages work easily and are negotiable for SaaS applications, webshops, and other interaction-based sites.

    4) Real User Monitoring:-
    You can initially check your website with help of Pingdom so, you will tend to know about your actual website speed.

    5) Alerts:-
    Another value-added benefit of Pingdom is free basic alert, in which you will get emails, basic app notifications, and SMS messages.

    6) Interactions:-

    Pingdom’s API is an effective way to automate your interaction with the system to set up some advanced tools for yourself.

    Pingdom also offers mobile apps for your Android or IOS devices, So that you can get latest updated or real-time notifications which are very handy.

    The Pingdom provides a range of packages based on tenure in which monthly package starts from $14.95 to $249 and annual package starts from the $11.95 to $199. The price of the Pingdom tools depends on the available features with the package. Let us have a look on Pingdom pricing details.

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