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    How Online Reputation Management Will Help To Avoid Personal Name Collision?

    Just like the fingerprints, every human being is different and unique but not their name in the time of population explosion. When anyone is found of guilty of anything which he has not done or even heard ever, maybe he needs Brand Online Reputation Management Services. It’s not your fault that your name is similar with some wrongdoers and internet cannot make any difference between you two. This has become quite a common problem nowadays. For example, you can say there are thousands John William or Paul Smith just around your neighborhood.

    This makes a great effect especially on the business owners in the age of the internet. The Google algorithm can make you feel great if your name collides with a celebrity, but things turn bitter when the identity of any entrepreneur clashes with any criminal or offender. This is a huge curse of hampered reputation which may affect the business in a great time. The name of your name twine floats on the search results while people search for you and makes a negative impression on your customers. You may face a hard time too to get any approval for loan or government permission. In this scenario, the only savior is Brand Online Reputation Management Services which can remove the bad links related to your name.

    How do Brand Online Reputation Management Services can help?

    The first step to any Online Reputation Management (ORM) program is to remove the damaging links which are creating the mess. In the case of fraudulent, obscene, harassing or profane laden contents, it may be against the terms and policies of the website like blogs or social media websites. It may be against the policies of ISP (Internet Service Provider) which hosts the web server.

    You can request the respected search engine to remove the damaging links from the search results with the help of removal form of Google and Bing. If the process is not successful, henceforth, you need to hire reputed Brand Online Reputation Management Services that can help you to remove those damaging materials from the search result.

    Steps for ORM Services:

    In an Online Reputation Management campaign, they will contact the websites where the links are appearing to take them down. If the news is quite sensational and popular then they don’t go with the request and stick to the news.

    In the next step, they will try to optimize the domain with your name. They will post and promote positive content on your name along with the mention of your company. They will post content on the popular websites of your domain to gain higher SERP.

    Depending on the severity of the process, they might approach the influencers or the authority website to confront the negative news with positive news on the website. The good reviews of the thought leader is a great way to get rid of the negative news.

    They will also take care of the promotion on different social media platforms. While the overall, profile will showcase the positive approaches, the negative links will go down automatically.

    Profito Interactive have done some wonderful Brand Online Reputation Management Services with success. The team has profound knowledge in the know-how of the process. If you are facing the same problem and want to address the situation, contact us today!

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