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  • SEO Link Building Strategies for 2018

    The main idea of 2018 is “don’t try to deceive Google with fake backlinks”. In this blog post, I am going to discuss the link building strategy of 2018. Yes, it’s true; Google has totally updated their algorithm of giving rankings to the business websites and getting a great ranking for your website is no longer a game of building a number of backlinks. Many people still think that backlinks play an important role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Sounds confusing? Building backlinks are important just to…

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    New changes in SEO trends and Google expected in 2018

    One and a half months is already passed in 2018 and it’s the right time to analyze where the SEO industry stands and what will be the major changes. As we all know, Google regularly updates its algorithm, sometimes multiple times in few months. Furthermore, the technology available to SEO experts regularly changes which enable them by making necessary changes on a daily basis which are best to dominate the search results. Google has brought about the dominance of AMP (accelerated mobile pages), increasing the importance of HTTPS, backlinks significance,…

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