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    New changes in SEO trends and Google expected in 2018

    One and a half months is already passed in 2018 and it’s the right time to analyze where the SEO industry stands and what will be the major changes.

    As we all know, Google regularly updates its algorithm, sometimes multiple times in few months. Furthermore, the technology available to SEO experts regularly changes which enable them by making necessary changes on a daily basis which are best to dominate the search results.

    Google has brought about the dominance of AMP (accelerated mobile pages), increasing the importance of HTTPS, backlinks significance, rich snippets reformatting and economical use of 301 redirects, just to boost up the popularity of voice search in the year 2017 and many of these things are going to continue into 2018. In contrast to, we also expect many new trends to come into action in 2018.

    As Google has made it difficult to crack the algorithm code of page ranking, the biggest challenge for SEO experts in the coming time will be to continue adjusting to accommodate unusual nuances in their practices.

    Whether you want to try something different than 2017 SEO practices or you want to maintain the success of your SEO campaigns of 2017 in 2018, here are some SEO trends which you need to follow in 2018.

    1. Increased SERP Features

    It is the main task of SEOs to maintain the high website traffic and this could be possible only with the top position on SERP. Maintaining coveted position is extremely crucial.

    But with the search engine latest development, achieving the top ranking may not be sufficient to get good website traffic.

    This is the past story when ten listings of search results and a clearly highlighted ad were sufficient to redirect high traffic to the website. Now, when you see the SERP, it is cluttered with videos, links, SMM, article listing, images and of course ads. So, the website with the top ranking can be easily ignored by the user because of these articles.

    But, key phrase and keyword optimization are still dominating the industry, but to use them smartly and get a coveted position, you now have to indulge in other offsite activities.

    Rank Tracker is the tool which you can use to rank and monitor rankings for all these SERP features like news block, AdWords, featured snippets, reviews, tweets, etc. This tool can also be used to see your possible keywords that are best to hold back good traffic to the website.

    2. Need Careful Structuring in creating Rich Snippet

    You must have heard about a clickable title i.e., regular snippets and rich snippets. These snippets include a Meta Description and a URL. Rich snippets have condensed titles and are separated by “|”. So, to present your data strongly in search engine, you need to structure the data carefully. It is seen that search results with nicely formatted rich snippets get more clicks, which in turn increases potential sales of the business.

    3. Page Loading Speed matters a lot

    In this extremely demanding and fast world, people only appreciate a prompt response. Nothing could be more frustrating for a user to wait for the website to load fully to get the perfect answer to his queries. Normally, the user waits for 5 seconds, if the page doesn’t load by that time, he navigates to another page to get the answer.

    Online users don’t like slow websites. Slow page loading could directly impact your site traffic. In fact, a good page speed is a user experience feature. The Google recommendation in this regard is 3 seconds or less. To know the loading speed of your website, you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight. Speed has always been a critical component of the website performance and this will continue into 2018 also.

    4. Increased Page Relevance

    Google is still working to provide the best online browsing experience to the users. Besides providing highly safe websites, Google searches for the sites that offer the precise information of the user’s search. It can be said that search engine will now evaluate your website content relevancy before showing it in SERP. The way through which Google assess the content relevancy is Latent Semantic Indexing.

    5. Google is now giving preference to Voice Search

    Similar to 2017, Google continues to give preference to voice search in 2018. Compared to typing, online consumers love the convenience of speaking. Voice search is more relevant and faster as compared to normal search. Voice recognition software has reached to the extent where the consumer’s normal speech can be easily understood.

    6. Mobile Will be Even More Importance by Google

    Google is giving preference to the smartphones as now web browsing is happening more on mobile devices. Rather than using a traditional desktop, the people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. So, designing a mobile-friendly website is a requirement to gain good website traffic. In fact, the mobile-friendly website is also expected by the users and search engines. It is best to say that mobile friendliness has now become a major search ranking

    7. The “Linkless” Backlinks are preferred

    In the past, the SEO professionals used to create backlinks just to increase the authority of a webpage by linking it from another source. This practice was stopped by Google with Penguin algorithm in 2012.

    Since then, SEO experts are more focused to get the links for the website from genuine and authoritative sources. Links from these sources have given some good search ranking to the website and so more refined Google search robots are withdrawing the power of backlinks. It means the source of backlink is crucial to make you stand unique in the crowd.

    8. SERPs will continue to get Personal

    Besides the traditional search ranking factors like page speed, page authority, content relevancy, etc., the search engine is also considering the personal preferences of the user like browsing history, interest, location, etc., to provide personalized search results. This practice is being used by leading search engines including Google for many years.

    Renovate Your Strategies in 2018

    SEO is the industry that changes with time. In 2018, Google will most probably continue to improve the web user experience by evaluating the content relevancy of a page, using personalized search engine results and giving preference to fast loading pages and flashing additional results page features. Google will give special focus to the websites that are Mobile-friendly to show in SERPs.

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