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  • Pingdom – A Helpful Tool to Measure the Website Speed

    Speed is a crucial component of running a successful website and should ever be a preference for site managers. The speed helps to make the good impression of your business towards the clients or customer. In addition to giving a responsive or user-friendly experience, a fast loading website also has a direct impact on the entire performance of the website. Well, waiting for a web page to load online is same as experienced in a real world when you stand in a queue and waiting for your turn. Users always…

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    Rich Media And Page Speed: How Much Of An Impact Can These Two Bring To Seo?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is sort of an enigma, of which, on one hand, we know a lot and, on the other, nothing at all. The leading SEO providers across the globe indulge in extensive research to dig out the new changes implemented by Google in its search ranking algorithm. Once you become aware of the new changes in the algorithm, it becomes a cake walk to adapt to them for better and improved SERP rankings. Although there isn’t a defined way of discovering how the said algorithm works, experts…

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    Importance of Link Building in SEO

    Link building is an essential part of any SEO strategy. In short, these links are crucial to getting a good position in SERP. But the question arises why these links are important. Internet world works by navigating from one website link to another. In fact, links are the foundation of the internet, as they make this place functional. The web would be nothing without links. It can be said that the pages without the link would be just the text pages that are hard to find even. Now the question…

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    SEO Link Building Strategies for 2018

    The main idea of 2018 is “don’t try to deceive Google with fake backlinks”. In this blog post, I am going to discuss the link building strategy of 2018. Yes, it’s true; Google has totally updated their algorithm of giving rankings to the business websites and getting a great ranking for your website is no longer a game of building a number of backlinks. Many people still think that backlinks play an important role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Sounds confusing? Building backlinks are important just to…

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    4 Things You Must Do to Build Your Brand with Content

    If you are here, it means you have taken the plunge and are ready to start and develop your own business. Developing a business model is obviously a daunting task. In addition to this, you also need to think how much it will cost to implement it and how will you get your customers. The sure shot method to build your business’ brand is by content marketing. In fact, content will help your brand to gain the confidence of your customer by entertaining and educating your customers about your business.…

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