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    Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2018- Part 1

    Since Content and customer experience rules the online world, it is the technologies that work in the background to make them more relevant, actionable, targeted, and time-oriented.

    These technologies push businesses to get a competitive position in the market

    It’s time to know 12 SEM marketing trends 2018:

    1.Machine Learning will flourish more

    Machine learning is the leading marketing trends of 2018 and because of this, businesses are looking for new ways to utilize it to engage and delight their potentials.

    2.Social will get more intense

    With the improved capabilities of combining, social has taken an intense form. Particularly in this year, you will observe totally different social feeds and likes. Over-sharing and complete transparency about everything will almost be disappeared from social. In fact, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat will be ruling social.

    3.Better Mapping and Integrating into the journey of the Buyer

    Anyone who is well-updated with current marketing trends knows very well that marketing has now become extremely complex. Without efficient marketing tools and technology, standing in the market for the competition is nearly impossible. Posting of relevant content can help the businesses to stand strong in the market.

    4.Real Personalization will be the prime focus

    The days of adding the name of a person to an email and calling it personalized mail are totally disappeared now. Now, marketing trends are focusing what customers actually desire. Customers are unique individuals, so they want unique solutions.

    5.More automation means getting better returns with less and quality work

    When we talk about automation, it is one of the 2018 SEM marketing trends. Most businesses know what they want to do but they don’t have time and resources to get it done.
    Marketing executives know about personalization and segmentation and so they do it better. New tools of automation in the email marketing and other channels will make the marketing easier for the businesses to do what they want to do.

    6.More integrated videos will rule

    Videos will capture entire internet traffic within a few years. Customers love to watch branded content only when it is relevant to their requirements. So, businesses are searching cost-effective ways to deliver quality video content.

    7.Smartphones will rule

    With the free Wi-Fi expansion and more limitless data usage plans even in rural areas will inspire more people to use smartphones for doing everyday things. So, we can say smartphone will rule in 2018.

    To know more about SEM Marketing trends 2018, keep reading our blog. We will post more marketing trends soon.

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