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    Google Maps Redesigns “Explore” Tab and Launches the Sections like ‘For You’, ‘Your Match’, and ‘Group Planning’

    Google Maps has announced new features at Google I/O around their GPS product.

    On May 8, 2018, Google announced new features at Google Maps that are progressing globally on Android and iOS devices in near future. The new features include a new tab “Explore”, revolutionary features around “Group planning” and “Your match” and a totally new section “For you”.

    Now let us discuss all these new additions one-by-one.

    Redesigned Explore tab

    This tab shows the users who are using Google Maps events, activities, and dining spots that are good and located nearby place.

    Your match

    “Your match” feature of Google maps will display you how likely you are going to enjoy a place and also provide the reasons why you will enjoy it. So, whenever you pick a definite place, Google will generate a score based on different aspects such as your restaurant ratings, selected the drink preferences on Google Maps, and so on. Google uses the machine learning to count this number. In addition to this, Google will get smarter with this number information over the time.

    For You

    The tab “For You” allows you to choose to follow the dining spots at your nearby places and as per your preferences. Google will also send you some working ideas for what to do next time when you go out.

    Augmented Reality

    Google Maps is progressing every day on getting AR or Augmented Reality, in order to help users navigate and search the places easily. When you are getting out of a restaurant and onto a city street, Google maps was a little difficult to follow to find a right path. This exact help becomes crucial when you are new to the area. The features of AR show right direction to walk to the user.

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