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    Google Announces New Guidelines & Requirements for Showing Job Postings

    Google has officially announced new guidelines for new job posting for job schema and says if you ignore those guidelines, your website can obtain a manual action by Google. The new guidelines include the requirements to remove the listings of expired jobs.

    In addition to this, Google also needs webmasters to position the prearranged data on the detail page and include all relevant details of the job in the job description area.

    Google also discussed the procedure to remove a job posting:

    • Do one of the following actions to remove a job posting that is no longer valid:
    • Ensure the ‘valid through’ property is populated and in the past.
    • Remove the page completely from the database
    • Remove ‘Job posting’ structured data from the page completely

    Send a new sitemap to Google by sending a GET command to request the following URL:


    We digest the entire sitemap and recrawl the pages with lastmod times.

    Google has taken this step to make sure that it doesn’t show the expired job listings because Google understands that expired job listings are of no use to anyone so why to show them.

    Standard schema and structured data requirements are two additional job requirements. Often the webmasters place these two requirements on the wrong page. For job listings, Google wants to redirect the user to the most detailed landing page and not on a job listings page. Plus, you have to ensure to add every detail in your structured data and schema on the job listing web page. Google further said that if you add salary to the structured data, then it is mandatory to add it to the job posting too and both salary figures must be same.

    Google says if there is any negligence in following these guidelines, Google have the right to take manual action against your website and the company may not be allowed to show in the jobs experience on Google. This manual action will be removed from your website on submitting a reconsideration request.

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