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    5 Ways to Automate Your PPC Campaign

    With the help of business data, our clients can easily make the decision that can offer an edge to them in their business. But, if you want to increase your ROI, take the help of our free AdWords check consultation.

    This year, Artificial intelligence or AI is going to be in great demand in paid search marketing.

    By using Google’s toolset for AdWords, anyone can leverage AI, but it can be daunting if you have no experience in running PPC automation.

    So, the question comes into the mind of many, how can we automate our PPC campaign with AI?

    1. Bid Rules:

    Use a pre-built tool from Google known as automated bid management to automate in a very simple sense. AdWords can automate a simple ‘bid to top of page’ rule. In case of AdWords, you don’t need to pay anything to use a bid strategy. But decisions about PPC are not that easy. If your keyword has a good Quality Score and is driving conversions then you have to bid your ads to the top of the page. It may be a possibility that you have set different rules for non-brand and brand keywords.

    2. Automated Rules

    This Automated Rules will offer more flexibility, as it is a tool of Google so you don’t need to pay anything to use it. But, you need to think more on this level. For relatively simple automation, automated rules are the best. Google permits advertisers to run their own set rules once in a day. But, this facility is not so frequent what advertisers usually want to do.

    3. AdWords Scripts

    If you do automation with Scripts, it becomes more powerful and customizable. AdWords Scripts are actually the AppScript pieces that are hosted in the account of AdWords. These scripts can run automatically as programmed.

    Scripts have certain limitations, it means when you need to run same automation on a number of accounts or on those accounts that are extremely large in size and many tasks need to be done in those 30 minute execution time that is imposed by Google.

    4. AdWords API

    The AdWords API or Application Programming Interface (API) offers programmatic access to AdWords. But, it doesn’t give access to every section of AdWords. To use API, one needs to have good engineering resources and maintaining the servers to run API.

    5. AI

    At the end, we all desire to get to a platform from where we can leverage the latest and effective algorithms to boost the performance of our account. AI and machine learning together offer that cutting-edge stuff which we need to automate our PPC campaign.


    Artificial Intelligence or AI is comprehensive in some AdWords tools that it provides to its advertisers, but it can also be constructed into automation, advertisers can create automation for themselves with their own data of the business.

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